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To say that last week was eventful is an understatement, this week continues to be remarkable, with news on a potential coronavirus vaccine announced.

Although our country still faces health and economic problems as 2020 winds down, we can approach the year-end with optimism. Fostering optimism in your financial strategy means taking care of year-end tasks like reviewing your goals and what might have changed.

A financial strategy is not an abstract thing—you are preparing for something real: a happy retirement, putting kids through school, a memorable vacation, or home renovation. It’s important to keep focused on these goals.

Consider the emotions behind your goals and how they may have evolved over 2020. It may help you face 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism.

Here are some articles I found insightful. Feel free to share them, and get back to me with your thoughts.

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Jason Pinney

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