Divorce Checklist

Recent Divorce?

Divorce is difficult and often overwhelming. Please reference this list for potential to-do items after your divorce is final.

Talk to your financial professional about:

☐ Formulating new comprehensive financial strategies based upon your divorce settlement

Additional action items:

☐ Be sure to update all of your subscriptions, policies, accounts, and banking information to reflect:

      ☐ any name changes

      ☐ update your mailing address for receiving

      ☐ statements order new checks or ID cards to

      ☐ reflect any address or name changes

☐ Be sure to update all your employment, insurance, and tax records

☐ Be sure to modify, as necessary, any beneficiary changes

☐ Be sure to update any account permissions including any prior HIPPA releases

☐ Always keep a copy of your divorce decree and case number in a safe and easy to access location

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